Oi! Update

As first, I scanned lyrics sheets with translated lyrics from following CDs:
opció k-95, reneixOpció-K95 - Best Before 2004 (Mai Morirem + Cap Oportunitat)
-> English, French

And if you still haven't caught that, Opció-K95 are also finally releasing new album - Reneix

Nucleo Terco - La Comisión de la estaca
-> English, French

Music Update

Hold A GrudgeHold a Grudge - Doing Time (2010) |buy|
Cor Fort - Actitud (2010) |buy|
Crash Sur Vos Tombes & M.U.L. - Split CD (2004)
Destr-Oi! - Ez Etsi
YUKA - Qu'enfin souffle le vent de la contestation (2010) |buy|
Mouthguard - One More Round (2008 EP)
Heavy Manners - Heavier Than Now (1996)
Estandarte Oi! - Estirpe Luchadora (2009)
N6 - N6
N6 - Sputando Mosche (2010)
(also for free download)
Streetboys - Punks & Skinheads
Rude Riot (Oi! Core, Italy) - Skinhead Pride (2002)
Les Skorsoners - Live (St Aub’)


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