Music - Oi!, Punk (Update)

Jeune Seigneur - Tonnerre De Brest (Demo 2008)
(this is the same as their demo I posted 2 months ago but with slightly better sound, 7 tracks)
available at Anfibio, F&F, Madbutcher
L'ultime Atome/Jeune Seigneur/
(if I got that right, this was older band of three members of JS and this is their 5 track demo or what)
Exploto Zurullos - Declaracion de Intenciones (2005)
Spray Back (Punk, Oi!, Brest) - La Vie En Rose (2005)
Tados - A Tombeau Ouvert (2005)
Class War Kids, The - Strong People Need No Leader (2008)
Oppugno - Unidos Para Luchar (2006)
Social Combat - Tinta, Sangre Y Sudor (10'', 2007-8)

Free Downloads:
Kinkinela - Kinkinela
M26.7 - M26.7

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