Nucleo Terco - La Comision de la Estaca - 11 of 14

11 of total 14 tracks from their new album. The rest is coming soon (as I hope :) ) - or order at mm-crew.com or madbutcher.de

01 El mejor de los mundos posibles
02 Tres mujeres
03 Sturmovik
04 La larga marcha
05 La ley del combate
06 ...mal acaba
07 Largo es el camino
08 La comision de la estaca
09 Comparte es dolor
10 Lo tuyo es imposible - MISSING
11 Testa in giu
12 Pico, Pala, Zanja
13 Accion de castigo - MISSING
14 Muertos sin nombre - MISSING

added to my RS.com folder ->

EDIT: now added also complete version


  1. It doesn't work...
    'File missing'

  2. Works fine - i tested it roght now, I don´t know where is the problem - try again or try this mine ifolder.ru upload http://ifolder.ru/5761662

  3. buy the album please. its just 8€ from mm-crew.com, redstar73.com or the band. please support scene!

  4. Yep, for sure, but it isn´t 8€ for everyone - for me it would be at least over 20€ (including shipping costs, money transfer..). and that´s really too much especially for album from which people can listen just a one song (Pico, pala zanja at NT offic. site...) ;) . (And I live in Europe, for people who live somewhere else it´s gonna be be even more)

  5. when upload the rest of songs and you can upload the covers???
    great album

    cheers from perú

    fuck the rac!!!

  6. I don´t have this album so I can´t tell you when there will be the rest...


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