»»» "Fuck, have I changed into some fascist skinhead? Nope, not at all as Oil is one great and hilarious parody on right-wing Oi! bands. This project features a.o. Johnny from The Bodies and Adam from the Radio Reelers in its ranks and boy, do they deliver a fuckin' smasher here!! It's one hell of a straight-forward steamin' Punk Rock attack and tracks like 77 Clockwork Boot Justice, Crucified Hammerskin, Shave For Battle or Clockwork Violence are just plain genious! The music is great and the lyrics are a great laugh, what do you want more?! Take your razors and strap on those boots 'cos the battle calls!!" (High Heels Slut)

»»» "Plain and simple, Oil is a Streetpunk Spinal Tap. On its debut EP, the group boisterously parodies the knuckleheaded clichés and hyper-macho nationalistic excesses of modern-day Oi! music. But, musically, these guys aren’t screwing around. The band (which features members of The Bodies, Workin’ Stiffs, Trust Fund Babies and Radio Reelers) backs up its tongue-in-cheek assault upon bootboy boneheadism with a head-kicking musical attack that’s as aggressive and ferocious as anything that the likes of Blitz or the Anti-Heroes ever committed to vinyl. If you get the joke, this record is a hoot. But even if you don’t, you may very well find yourself digging Oil’s in-your-face Streetpunk blitzkrieg. This is hard, nasty punk rock, pal! Once you hear the propulsive title track, you just might have to put down your beer and jump into the mosh pit. (Rutledge)

Oil! - The Glory Of Honour (2004)

(02) Clockwork Violence, Leftwing Silence
(03) Shave For Battle
(04) Bills To Pay
(05) Crucified Hammerskin
(06) Clockwork Boot Justice
(07) On The Streets
(08) Spent My Paycheck At The Pub
(09) Proud Of My Pride
(10) Fuck You
(11) Pullin On The Boots
(12) Oil!
(13) Under The Boot

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