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Oi! Kids - Se acerca la hora (2007)
(Bought this at Skinpride.net - ignore that 15€ for postage outside spain if you'll use their web for placing your order - postage rates are calculated individually and it's 5€ for 1 CD (in EU) (check the official rates) and if you'll get over 25€ with your order it's cheaper. Perhaps rather use email for your orders. Seems that speaks only spanish (resp. not english)
Red Card - Герои спальных районов (2009) (Geroi spal'nyh rajonov)
(You should buy this if it will get to europe - money go for advocate for vocalist)
Sociedad de Resistencia - Si Algún Día
Controllo a Distanza - Il Disagio Non e Reato (2006)
Guerilla - Chapter IV. Emancipation (2009)
Lager33 (Oi!) - Violencia, Futbol y Cerveza
Okupats (Ska) - Ocupats, Pero no Vençuts (2001)
Puta Guerilla - Lutte (2007)

Free downloads:
What We Feel - Our 14 Words (2009)
(WWF on euro tour in Sept/Oct, euro edition of this CD with some bonuses in Jan 2010)
(except "До Конца" which appears on this album has Moscow Death Brigade two other new songs - you can download them here -> mediafire.com/?nzu4mzgmlgz)
Komando Puta España - Demo
Song "Ti Odio" from Razzapparte's prepared new album

Punysfora recorded new album Coratge! and it's pretty catchy. From my folder you cand download their demo from 2004 and at their myspace you can listen to songs from this new album. You can buy it at Mai-Morirem (10€) or at Redstar73 (8€) (and if you'll visit Redstar73 you should check also monthly specials - almost 100 records with 43% - 56% original price off).

Translated lyrics:
Opció K-95 - Terra Cremada
(translated to English and Portuguese(?) - at the last page)
Brigada Oi! - Ni un paso atras... La lucha continua!
(translated to English)


  1. hey. i found the band "arglistige toischung" at your rs-list and wondered about it, it`s a right-winged band, the leadsinger was member of the Kameradschaft Süd in munich in germany, they tried to put a bomb on a jewish building. if you need more information about it: http://bkpnk089.blogsport.de/2007/11/19/jessica-fasel-eine-muenchner-oi-kariere/

    hope you will delete the file. no one needs nazi music! we are the skins! oi!

  2. Fuck, and they are good. That sucks. I don't speak german too much so I didn't read it whole but if I understand it right, it was 4 years before AT come to existence.. So it doesn't mean she is still nazi and that AT are right-winged, right? But I will believe your opinion that it's not cool to share them here so I'll delete them, nevertheless I wouldn't judge AT too quickly before I'll see some contemporary proof. I don't mind the fact that they haven't some antinazi song to show her evolution (if there was some) as there are bands shouting antifa antifa or gnwp all around while they aren't in fact so "clear". Aww, that apoliticals again...
    Thanks for your note, Cheers.

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